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"Our business strategy was to outsource 100% of our recovery servicing. We had never considered selling before. Jefferson Capital offered a solution that gave us immediate economics through a debt sale. Their competitive price, combined with our confidence in their compliance and privacy program, made this an excellent choice for us."

Healthcare Finance Company, Accounts Receivable Manager

We provide consumer-centric recovery solutions for a variety of healthcare related companies. Given each patient's unique situation, our solutions are focused on listening, learning, and offering resolutions that get patients back on the road to financial recovery. Examples of healthcare related accounts would include:

  • Healthcare goods and services obtained by patients
  • Hospital stays
  • Emergency room visits
  • Doctor visits
  • Elective procedures (like Lasik corrective eye surgery)
  • Medical specialty providers

Our partnership with healthcare industry clients is secure, confidential and compliant

We understand protecting the ongoing patient relationship is important, so we comply to healthcare industry regulations, including HIPAA, to provide collections solutions that are always patient and community friendly.

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