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FinTech Installment Loans

"For us, customer experience is everything, and it is essential to growing our platform. By partnering with Jefferson Capital, we were able to do business with an experienced debt buyer and, more importantly, protect and grow our brand."

FinTech Lender, Director of Collections

Jefferson Capital continues to expand its partnerships with FinTech companies, largely due to our legacy of treating consumers fairly while remaining a compliance leader in the ever-changing FinTech regulatory environment.

While FinTech companies offer consumer credit, they do so without the use of a traditional bank and utilize technology to provide the convenience and quick approvals to meet customer demands. They offer:

  • Streamlined servicing
  • Simplified processes for securing financing
  • Quick turn around from application to approval
  • Easy payment options

We are startup-friendly

Jefferson Capital works hard to stay on the leading edge of change, including its commitment of resources to serve both emerging and well-established FinTech companies. We welcome the opportunity to provide assistance and information to help our FinTech partners maximize the value of their charged-off and bankruptcy accounts, while carefully protecting the customer experience that is so critical to their continued growth.

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