Reflecting on 2023: A Year of Growth, Expansion, and Renewed Partnerships

Although the month of December typically brings to mind holiday gatherings with family and friends, it also reminds us that the new year is fast approaching. But before turning the calendar to consider our aspirations and goals for 2024, it is an opportune moment to reflect on the incredible journey that made 2023 a standout year for our business.

For Jefferson Capital, the year of 2023 has been quite remarkable. In addition to achieving many historic milestones, we also invested significant energy and resources to expand our financial capacity to meet the growing needs of our existing clients and to support a record number of new clients that were added in 2023. Strengthening partnerships with all of our key stakeholders including our clients, service providers, capital providers and our associates continues to be our top priority. With that context, I thought I would take some time to share some of the key facets of 2023 that positions Jefferson Capital for continued growth in 2024 and beyond.

A New Home

The symbolic significance of a home cannot be overstated, and in 2023 we embarked on an exciting chapter by moving our primary operations from our original location in St. Cloud, Minnesota to a new location just a few short miles away. After over two decades in our previous location, this transition was more than just a change of address; it was a testament to our adaptability and commitment to evolution. Our new space not only reflects our growth but also provides a dynamic environment to foster innovation and collaboration among our team of dedicated professionals.

Enhancing our Capital Strength

Amidst the dynamic landscape of the financial markets, our strategic emphasis on expanding our revolving credit facility has been instrumental in supporting our continued growth over the years. The enhancements to our credit facility in 2023 underline our commitment to financial prudence and profitability and create the financial capacity and strength to do so for many years to come. Make no mistake, these credit facility expansions are not just about numbers; they also reflect a vote of confidence by some of the world’s largest and most respected financial institutions. And at a time when other debt purchasers struggled to maintain their debt capacity, we increased ours and added several large financial institutions to our syndicated credit facility.

Strategically Expanding our Operations and Footprint

In 2023, in an effort to add more value to our clients, Jefferson Capital expanded its footprint with the acquisition of MoriartyLaw in the UK, a move that aligns with our commitment to excellence and innovation while always doing the right thing for consumers. In addition to expanding our UK platform, we also expanded our geographic reach in Latin America with portfolio acquisitions and the launch of our own platform in Bogota, Colombia.

Our Partners

No success story is complete without acknowledging the invaluable support of our partnerships with our clients, strategic vendors, and others. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the record number of new clients added in 2023 and to our renewed and expanded client partnerships for their continued collaboration. Our partnerships with our strategic vendors have also been critical to ensuring the success that we enjoyed in 2023. It is through these alliances that we fortify our standing in the market and open doors to new possibilities.

Continued Commitment of our Associates

Finally, the growth and success we have achieved in 2023 has also been a testament to the unwavering commitment, resilience, and hard work of our growing number of associates. Despite the challenges faced with the economy and coming out of the pandemic, as well as a move of our headquarters location, their determination and collaborative spirit propelled to new heights this year. Their innovative ideas, tireless efforts, and positive energy contributed significantly to our success and remind me of just how fortunate we are to have such a talented and committed team.

Thank You!

As I reflect on the many accomplishments achieved in 2023, it is evident that Jefferson Capital is both bigger and better than ever before. Rest assured that amidst our growth, our passion and values remain unwavering, grounded in always doing the right thing for consumers, our clients, our vendors, and our associates. It is these principles that have defined our journey for the past 21 years.

I have oftentimes said that we are a company with a Purpose. It is derived from our commitment to excellence, innovation, and client satisfaction, all of which continue to drive us forward. As we eagerly anticipate the opportunities that the future holds, here's to a year of growth, our new home, expanded horizons, and the enduring strength of our partners, associates, and shared values. Cheers to 2024 and beyond!

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