2024 Strategic Sales Meeting

With the New Year upon us, our Business Development team recently held its Annual Strategic Sales meeting with Jefferson Capital’s leadership team in order to chart the course for an exciting 2024. It was an invaluable opportunity to set ambitious goals, align corporate efforts, and lay the groundwork for Jefferson Capital’s continued success in the marketplace.

In addition to discussing market trends and the competitive landscape for 2024, we developed specific action plans and responsibilities for each of our Business Development team members. Jefferson Capital’s 2024 Strategic Plan allows us to expand our market reach and continue our growth and success, while maintaining our corporate focus on our partnerships with consumers, clients, regulators and vendors. Although much of the plan is new, a key part has been with us for 21 years - - our commitment to always do the right thing for those very same partners.

With excitement for the New Year, here's to a successful 2024 filled with new opportunities and unparalleled achievements!

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